Our services

Transport and delivery by land, air and sea.

We work together with trusted shipping partners.

They are specialized in transporting Supercars, Hypercars, Sportcars, Premium, classic and vintage vehicles, and much more. Our approved partners are licensed and each vehicle is insured over value. Your treasure will be transported in the most modern, locked, truck-technology. Your vehicle can be sent by ship or haulage plane to anywhere in the world.

Our partners generally have their own customs holding, where your treasure can be securely temporarily stored.


Our european-wide partner network is specialised in full and part restoration.

From pre-war vintage to modern-day classics, our partners are specialists with a wealth of experience.

Each classic vehicle comes with its own personal history. Our restauration partners are meticulous and ensure as many original parts as possible are maintained or exchanged for original replacement parts to remain true to the original personality of each vehicle. In the case of a full restauration, your vehicle will be stripped down and each and every last screw will be checked by hand, restored or where necessary replaced.


If you would like to visit us and/or get away from it all, we are happy to organise appropriate accommodation to fulfil your expectations.

e.g.: hotel-sättele.de